Named after a flower who’s symbolic naturally matches my definition of beauty, charm and elegance, Dahlia is the perfect stop for people who want their inner glow to shine just as brightly on the outside as well because at Dahlia we strongly believe in the balance between inner and outer beauty.


On the 22nd of November 2009, Dahlia opened it’s doors for the clients and has become my second home ever since.


Ever Since Dahlia has opened it’s doors, it has become my second home. We were inspired by the dahlia flower which represents our definition of beauty, charm & elegance.


Dahlia Wellness and Beauty Spa, is an intimate oasis which emphasizes the need for tranquility, peace of mind and healthy body!At Dahlia we strongly believe in the balance between inner and outer beauty.


When you are surrounded by a pleasant environment where men and women look after and feel better about themselves, it does not feel like work but more like pleasure, you feel at home, like part of a big family.



I consider working at Dahlia a very special and beautiful experience. The respect we receive from other colleagues, our clients and our superiors are the reasons underlying the desire to work at Dahlia. Every detail is at its place and works precisely as it should. Dahlia is not just our working place; it has now taken the shape of our second home as we spend almost half of our days here.


Beauty Therapist

Work is the most important thing, but a job that is the result of desire and passion is in itself a miracle. Every day I wake up with the same desire and the same love for my job because we at Dahlia are a big family where each person has a clearly defined role. Customers are “ the cherry on top“ at Dahlia. I am fortunate to work in such a place along with my colleagues. I’m happy for you my work, and willing to improve every day more and more.



If I am given the opportunity to describe working at the most comfortable and calm beauty spa in the city! My beginnings in this salon have been one of the calmest transitions I have ever experienced in my career. Why do I like working at Dahlia? I like everything here, from the moment you step foot in the beauty spa, your eyes are tranquilized by the clean furnishing and the calm atmosphere. When you enter and see all things in detail, everything falls into it`s place and the desire to work and do your best is even more intense. Let’s talk a little about the staff. What can you say when you are surrounded by amazing girls how are professionally very qualified as well as very positive individuals. Dahlia offers us relaxing work conditions and with that comes the desire to do your best to lift this name and place even higher! I am thankful that I have the chance to be a part of Dahlia.


Beauty Therapist

Working at Dahlia is an opportunity to create valuable experience in the field of aesthetics. This beauty spa also offers the opportunity to grow professionally and enables the application of the latest technology and quality products. Dahlia`s staff on the other hand is a dedicated and professional group of girls who share a fair and cooperative relationship among each other. I think Dahlia is one of the few beauty spas that offers tranquillity, purity and very good conditions to practice your profession. These are the reasons why I have chosen and will always choose to work at Dahlia.



Working at Dahlia is all about pleasure and indulgence. It is a great honour for me to have the possibility to have in my professional curriculum such a solid company. Dahlia, a great ambient with great and professional staff and preferred by customers who radiate positivity. Dahlia is an environment full of purity, brightness, and positive energy. From the moment you enter it makes you feel like you belong to a family, receiving maximum support from all staff, which consists only of girls as well as by management. It’s a job that fills me with satisfaction and where I find myself giving my best. Wishing and hoping that my skills meet your requirements … Thanks Dahlia for existing.

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